Reaching the Signal Tower Conclusion in Little Nightmares 2

After getting out of the hospital, proceed to entering apartment buildings one after the other. We will notice that there are humanoids being attracted to the sound and static hissing of the television. Some even falling from the rooftops. This are just a preview of what we might encounter as you press forward.

  1. We then arrive at an elevator shaft.
  2. Operate the elevator and jump towards this side of the wall.
  3. Climb up to floor where the elevator stopped.
  4. Search the room and open this drawer to obtain the key to open the elevator door.
  5. Enter the elevator, operate the lever then quickly jump back out.
  6. As the elevator heads down the lower floor, activate this lever to make it go back up.
  7. Jump on top of the elevator and continue your search for an exit in the ceiling.
  8. This vent will lead you to a room with glitching remains.
  9. Exit towards the rooftop and climb up the scaffold.
  10. Pull the hanger closer to let Six cross first. Six will catch you when you jump.
  11. Climb up top and get to this window to enter the building.
  12. You and Six will have to push this door to avoid the falling debris.
  13. Help Six get out of the rubble.
  14. Enter the room at the back to find another television.
  15. As you enter it, Mono is able to reach the door and push it open. On the other side is a thin man. The meeting abruptly ends as Six was again able to pull you out. But the thin man also exits the television room and starts to come after you and Six.
  16. Get out of the second room and head back to the first. Hide under the bed. Six will be abducted by the thin man and you are again left alone to fend for yourself.
  17. Now that the coast is clear, head back to the television. Get close to it and it will become a teleportation device. Sending you to another television unit on a different location.
  18. Climb up the bookshelf and chair to find another television unit. Use it to teleport outside.
  19. For you to get across, position this hanging television towards the other side. Then open the door to get back inside.
  20. Use the television again to teleport.
  21. Get the remote and turn the television on to teleport to the other television up top.
  22. Use the remote to turn the television on then swing across using the light fixture.
  23. When you get to this room, pull the cart and position it so that Mono can make it across. Now teleport to the television unit from before.
  24. You cannot teleport to this television if you haven’t turned it on previously. Again, swing across using the light fixture.
  25. Jump on the box to get across.
  26. In this room, all we need to do is to proceed to the kitchen.
  27. Get to the balcony, use the remote to turn on the television that is hanging outside.
  28. Get in range of the television in the living room and turn it off using the remote. The humanoids are attracted to the televisions static noise and will move towards the kitchen where another television is located.
  29. Turn on the television on the living room to teleport.
  30. Once outside, climb up and you’ll see two televisions and a humanoid. Turn the television on the other side before turning off the one the humanoid is watching. After getting rid of the humanoid, turn the television again and teleport.
  31. Moving forward, you see humanoids jumping from the rooftop one after the other. You’ll also see the black tower, a point of interest for us later on.
  32. Push this television unit then get back inside to use the other to teleport.
  33. Here, we first need to pull two wood planks at the buttom of the door. We then quickly run back towards the lever and to activate it.
  34. By now if you see a television unit, be sure to turn it on before leaving it behind. Enter the shaft and climb up.
  35. Drag the box towards the lever to open the elevator door. Enter the elevator and pull the lever to make it go up.
  36. We need to pull again the lever to make it go down then quickly teleport to the television outside the elevator. As the elevator goes down, jump on top of it.
  37. Then jump down inside this room.
  38. Use the vents to enter a bathroom. Carefully navigate along the dry areas to avoid electrocution. Use the remote to turn of the television and lure the humanoid into the bathroom to be electrocuted.
  39. Here you need to find a shopping cart. Position it so you can reach and disable the power by pulling the switch.
  40. Bring the shopping cart and position it between the cabinet and the television.
  41. Proceed to this room and get outside. Beside it is the power switch. Pull the switch to restore power.
  42. Now head towards the cabinet, jump onto the shopping cart then teleport using the television.
  43. Climb down and head straight towards this television and turn it on. Get behind the humanoids and turn off their television. They will chase you but will then stop as soon as they are near the television.
  44. Turn the television back on and use it to teleport inside the store. The humanoids will then chase you inside.
  45. Get to this television as quickly as possible; then use it to teleport.
  46. Six will be calling you through this television unit. Try and pull Six out.
  47. After failing to pull Six, evade the thin man’s grasp.
  48. To open the coach door, you will need to do a quick grab and release.
  49. Move the lever to release the coach and allow the train to move forward.
  50. The train suddenly slams and stops, injuring you in the process. Follow Six’s glitching remains. Until you reach a ladder leading you to the top.
  51. Mono is now out on the street, facing the black tower.
  52. The thin man appears. Here we finally fight back. Use W, A, S, D to redirect and tune your energy and defeat the thin man.
  53. After defeating the thin man, press W while facing the black tower. This will get you close to the building. Its doors will then open.
  54. The door in front of you will be closed just as you get near it. Proceed to the marked room to your right.
  55. Climb up the stairs until you reach the hallway.
  56. Here you will find a pair of looping doors. To get passed this, pay close attention to which door emits the loud sound. It is important that you follow the music and enter the door where the sound is loud and clear.
  57. Again, follow the sound of music when entering other doors.
  58. Climb up the steps until you reach another hallway.
  59. Now we have two pairs of looping doors. Again, follow the music where you can hear it loud and clear.
  60. For the third time, climb up the stairs and reach the hallway.
  61. We need to get through three pairs of looping doors. Get passed this by entering the door where the music is loud and clear.
  62. Sprint towards the top of the stairs one last time.
  63. Then enter this room.
  64. Here we will find an oversized Six. Press Q to call. Six will then move towards you just near the marked position.
  65. Find a mallet and hit the music box.
  66. Six gets angry and chases you down the hall. Enter the looping door.
  67. Here, proceed to the end of the hall and jump towards the vents.
  68. Hide under the table.
  69. First, press Q to call Six to lure here, leaving the music box for you to smash. You will then be transported to a dark room. Locate the door with an axe and exit the room.
  70. Second, repeat luring Six away from the music box so you can smash it again. Locate the door with an axe and exit the room.
  71. Do the same for the third time.
  72. Press Q to call Six. At this point, calling makes Six squirm in pain. Smash the music box two more times to get Six back to normal.
  73. The final chase starts when you get Six back normal. Run towards the exit.

We will leave you here and avoid spoiling the last few scenes of the game. Too many television, increased number of looping doors and excessive running made us exhausted. The final scenes show Mono jumping over and Six awaiting to assist. Moving forward, we will get to know who the thin man is and why Six was abducted.

We invite you to play the game from start to finish. Do check our complete guides for Little Nightmares 2: Out of the Woods, the Orphanage, and the Hospital. It’s been fun playing as Mono and documenting every level.

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