The Sea Of Fog And The Rite Of The Trees in Genshin Impact

After the A Particularly Particular Author followed the Octave of Maushiro. And for the third installment in our investigation of Tsurumi Island is The Sea of Fog and the Rite of the Trees.

Just before completing the Octave of Maushiro, Sumida commissions us again to further explore the island of Tsurumi. She also expressed interest in Kama, whom we saw in the illusions while exploring the island. We will need to ask him a few important things before returning to Tsurumi.

  1. Head to the Ritou docks and talk to Kama about his ancestry and history of the island of Tsurumi.
  2. Return to Tsurumi island and look for Ruu. Our map will again be covered with fog, just like what happened in Octave of Maushiro.
  3. After arriving in the island, Paimon immediately notices Roald standing by the shore. Interacting with him unlocks the quest The Saga of Mr. Forgetful.
  4. We then continue our search for Ruu. Head towards the islands entrance to clear the fog in our map. However, there are four locations that are still covered with fog. The area near the ceremonial site, Chirai Shrine, Shirikoro Peak and Autake Plains.
  5. Proceed to the usual spot and talk to Ruu, but he is nowhere to be found.
  6. Go deeper into the island. Head towards the site of the Perch tree and find the illusions of Ipe and Makiri.
  7. According to the conversation between Ipe and Makiri, the perch plays a vital role in the ceremonies. Paimon deduces that destroying the perches would stop the people from making offerings, thus, ending the ceremonies.
  8. We proceed to attack the perch, and when its health points reach fifty percent, balls of light exit the tree and scatter.
  9. Locate the perches scattered powers and eliminate them using charged attacks. Electro attacks are ineffective so you will need to change some party members to finish this one quickly.
  10. After eliminating all of the perches scattered powers, return to the perch and continue destroying it.
  11. Once destroyed, the perches leaves recede and the tree wilts away. We are then taken on a map view of the island, and the fog in our locations is gone. We will need to do this three more times.
  12. After destroying all of the perches, we then return to the ceremonial site in the hopes of finding Ruu there. However, as we enter the site, thunder cracks, and red lightning strikes the area. We flee to safety near the statue of seven.
  13. From here, we proceed to enter the island and look for Ruu once again.
  14. We now find a disappointed Ruu. He earlier asked us to make offerings to the perches and now we have destroyed all of them. After the conversation, Ruu runs away.
  15. We never bothered going after Ruu. Instead, we report back to Sumida.
  16. Sumida insists on meeting with Kama together and talking more about Tsurumi Island.

After the conversation with Kama, the quest is then completed. Check back again tomorrow for the continuation and possibly the final chapter of this quest series.