How to Complete the Octave of Maushiro quest in Genshin Impact

When darkness blanketed the world, the Thunderbird dispersed a mysterious fog to defend Tsurumi Island.

But the people within the fog could not see the sun, the moon, or the stars, nor could they see their relatives, friends, children, or the Wen Kamuy they had domesticated and raised.

Then, the Thunderbird, like a blazing violet comet, took flight from the hollow Mt. Kanna.

When the first priests heard the sharp sound of the wings piercing the skies, they picked up the plumes of the Thunderbird. When they blew upon these sturdy feathers, they would hear a melodious sound.

Thus, people used this to communicate their location to others through the fog and to guide those who were lost to them. Even later on, people would use wood to imitate these sounds…

Folklore of the Thunderbird as narrated by Ruu

The quest A Particularly Particular Author ended with a cliffhanger. It unsatisfyingly ended after talking with Sumida. However, a surprise awaits every traveler today as the previous quest does indeed have a continuation. Without further ado, let’s continue our search for answers about the mysteries of Tsurumi Island.

  1. Pay Sumida a visit. As we arrive we notice that she had gathered the previously commissioned detectives (Sango, Ryuuji and Roald) and discussed what had transpired in Tsurumi Island during their investigation.
  2. As we check the map to teleport, we see that the map has been covered with fog and that the only way to get there is by teleporting to the Statue of Seven or by using the Waverider (if you forgot to activate the Statue of Seven).
  3. Upon arrival on the island, take a look around until the Nihil Sub Caligine Novum achievement appears.
  4. Proceed further until we arrive at a large gate. This will clear the map of the fog. However, during our exploration, some areas are still covered in fog.
  5. Proceed to the marked area. Look for and talk to Ruu.
  6. During the conversation, we tell Ruu about the Maushiro being missing. He then tells us that the Maushiro is still with us and that he feels its presence with us.
  7. After Ruu’s story about the Thunderbird’s feathers, we then remember the quest Seirai Stormchasers where we faced off with the thunder manifestation above Amakumo Peak that gave us the Peculiar Pinion.
  8. Press B to access the bag / inventory and under the Gadget tab, select the Peculiar Pinion and press Equip. We will then be able to use it by pressing Z.
  9. We then follow Ruu’s instructions and use the Peculiar Pinion to activate the Thunderbird statues.
  10. As the statue is activated, there appears an illusion of Kama. Talk to the illusion.
  11. After the cut scene with the illusion, dig up the buried Maushiro that was initially given to us by Ruu.
  12. Return to the ceremonial site and eavesdrop on the conversing locals.
    • Abe & Una
    • Chise & Mata
    • Kina & Kito
  13. After gathering the information we then proceed to the nearest site, Wakukao Shoal. Defeat the monsters around the area and interact with the thunderbird statue uninterrupted.
  14. After activating the statue, an engraving appears on the nearby stones. You can try and guess the combinations but nothing will work.
  15. To solve this, we need to go down, just below where the thunderbird statue is located. Another statue sits there which when activated, reveals the exact combinations.
  16. As we proceed to activate the stone using the correct sequence, a chest appears and in it is a stone slate, like the ones we sought after on the Farmer’s Treasure quest.
  17. Still in the same area is another marked location where another statue awaits activation.
  18. Upon activation, we then see another illusion. This time it is Ipe, Ruu’s companion when we were still clearing the flog within Tsurumi Island. After disappearing, we turn our gaze towards the same set of engraved stones. Activate the statue nearby and an electroculus will appear.
  19. Follow the electroculus around and have it arrive in its court. Beside it is another thunderbird statue. Activate it to reveal the sequence of the engraved stones.
  20. Activating the stones will summon the illusion of Ipe a second time.
  21. Proceed to Oina Beach and activate another statue. Kama and Sayo’s illusions are then summoned. This time, we will only be moving the engraved stones that match the markings on the ground.
  22. An illusion of Sayo is then summoned and it seems to be talking to Ruu about leaving the Tsurumi Island.
  23. Head to Autake Plains. The fog in the area is thick and anyone wandering about will easily get lost. We will need to activate the Stormstones using electro normal / charged attacks. This will guide us along the way as we seek to activate the other thunderbird statues in the area.
  24. Proceed to the marked location and activate the statue.
  25. After Ruu’s illusion disappears, move straight further to find another thunderbird statue. Paimon points out that there are three stones missing from the usual five.
  26. Use the feather to reveal three seelies. Follow each seelie to retrieve the stones. For each stone recovered, we will need to immediately return it to its place. The seelie we followed will be the marker. Do this two more times.
  27. Once completed, the sequence for activating the engraved stones will appear.
  28. We then return to an empty ceremonial site.
  29. Report back to Sumida and give her the Maushiro we dug up during the first illusion of Kama. We also recount with her two days worth of adventure.
  30. Near the end of the conversation, Sumida expresses interest in Kama and wishes to know more about him. Accepting the commission will complete the quest. Return to Sumida tomorrow for another mysterious adventure.

Bonus Puzzle

This puzzle appears when we use the Peculiar Pinion on the Thunderbird statue near the ceremonial site. To solve this, we will need to attack only three cubes. The cube on the right, with the missing chunk, will not move no matter what.

When the left cube is attacked, it rotates along with the top cube in the middle. We will need to attack the top cube separately to adjust it and complete the puzzle to open the chest for rewards.