How to find The Farmer’s Treasure in Genshin Impact

After completing Chisatos Letter and obtaining the Memento Lense during the Sacred Offering quest, players will need to visit Jinren Island to start this quest. This will require players to search for four initial old stone slates to unlock the hidden treasure’s door mechanism.

  1. Head towards Jinren Island.
  2. Explore the area. It is very important to search for cage keys around the area to be able to collect all rewards within the island. We will also find a cage where a person is held prisoner by bandits.
  3. After talking to Saimon Jirou, climb up this tree.
  4. The cage key is mysteriously found on one of the trees branches.
  5. Use the key to open the cage and talk to Saimon Jirou.
  6. As soon as the cage is opened, Jirou runs away. Search for him on the island and talk to him. He will then require you to find old stone slates to unlock the chamber where the treasure you’re searching for is kept.
  7. If you have been exploring and looting almost every crate, barrel and solving puzzles, then you might already be in possession of the old stone slates.
  8. Report back to Saimon Jirou when you have obtained the four old stone slates. He will then give instructions to find the fifth stone slate.
  9. Being the adventurous player we are, we head towards the marked location to obtain the final stone slate. We then realize that there is no fifth stone slate and that we have been lied to.
  10. We proceed to confront Saimon Jirou, but he is no longer there.
  11. Head to the marked location to find an imprisoned Jirou. We now fight his captors, Forgot to Name Himself: The Nameless Bandit Leader, Kouichirou: I’ve Been Waiting For You, Kojirou: Is This Feeling Loss?, and Vitaly: Too Long A Pencil Pusher along with their other Fatui minions.
  12. After defeating the enemies, we free Jirou and talk about what he did. He will then give us the key to the treasure.
  13. Place the old stone slates on the vacant slots on the floor.
  14. Follow the sequence of activating the tiles to open the door.
  15. Opening the chest rewards you with unexpected items.
  16. Head back to Konda Village and talk to Saimon Katsumi and Saimon Eri.

Saimon Katsumi explains that the treasure found there was surplus grain after every harvest. The location was a known granary by the farmers of Narukami Island. This then completes the quest of the Farmer’s Treasure.