How to Complete the Something Ends, Something Begins Quest in Witcher 3

During the Thin Ice quest, the final battle ensued between our heroes and his Wild Hunt hoard. We triumph against them, and then Ciri takes matters into her own hands and attempts to end the White Frost once and for all.

The choices made prior to the battle will determine the outcome of Ciri’s future; click here to see which path our heroin could possibly take and create your own storyline. With that out of the way, let us proceed and discover which path we’ve laid out for Ciri.

  1. Return to Velen and head towards the Nilfgaardian Garisson.
  2. There, we wait to meet with Master Ort to retrieve a silver sword previously commissioned with special elven inscriptions.
  3. After leaving the garrison, we proceed towards the inn. Along the way, we cross paths with the dwarf whom we previously met during the quest Isle of Mists Part 1 & Part 2.
  4. This is an optional quest but we intended to find out what have they been up to after saving them from the Isle of Mist. It turns out that they are thieves and are being hunted by Lord Dagborg’s soldiers.
  5. We can either cooperate with the Nilfgaardian Soldiers and give up the dwarves, or we will end up fighting them instead and help the dwarves escape.
  6. After dealing with the dwarves and the Nilfgaardian Soldiers, we continue to the inn. There we will meet with Ciri and give her the commissioned Witcher Sword, Swallow.
  7. This then marks the end of our journey. Emhyr conquered the Northern Realms. Cerys became the righteous ruler of Skellige. Ciri became a Witcher.

The main storyline may have ended; however, there are two expansions for the game; Heart of Stone and Blood and Wine. Stay tuned as we delve into the Witcher 3 DLC’s to continue our adventure with Geralt.