How To Stay Alive in Dragonspine in Genshin Impact

Teyvat is a very huge map with varying terrains. Also, Genshin Impact emulates a somewhat realistic weather system. So, while in game, you’ll experience rain, thunder storms, and lightning strikes, especially in Inazuma. But today we will be talking about Dragonspine. Unlike Inazuma, where lightning strikes are frequent, in Dragonspine, it’s always snows and any player caught within it will experience sheer cold.

As you are exposed to the sheer cold of Dragonspine, a bar shows up just above your health bar. This indicates that your character has limited time tolerating the extreme cold. Once this bar maxes out, you’ll start to loose health points.

So, to help you complete your quests and encourage you to explore more of Dragonspine, we’ve come up with a list to help players withstand, endure and beat the sheer cold.

1. Statue of Seven & Waypoints

statue of seven_geo & anemo

If you’re only just starting your trek up the mountainous terrain of Dragonspine, it is best to first target activating Waypoints and the single Statue of Seven in the area. They provide heating for your character to help prevent the effects of sheer cold. However, you’ll need to be in close proximity to them to be effective.

2. Ruin Braziers & Seelies

Unactivated Ruin Brazier
Activated Ruin Brazier

Ruin Braziers will need to be activated by pressing F when near one. They provide warmth over a certain area, and, unlike fires, they can never be put out with anemo, hydro or cryo attacks. A very handy attribute, especially when you are being chased by enemies, and you really are going to be surrounded by a bunch of them.

Warming Seelie Outside its Court
Warming Seelie inside its Court

Warming Seelies are also scattered around Dragonspine and are a sight to behold. They are not stationary on your first encounter as they will want to be placed inside its Seelie Court. They provide warmth inside a small area and are inextinguishable.

3. Bonfires & Torches

Lighting up bonfires and torches also help generate heat for your character to counter the effects of sheer cold. Be on the lookout for bonfires & torches that have been put out. You’ll need to switch to characters with Pyro ability to create fire and be able to heal and cook dishes.

4. Hearty, Warming Dishes & Gadgets

I’m sure you been able to cook up dishes in real life. Genshin Impact also allows you to create dishes in-game using recipes. To help you in beating or delaying the effects of sheer cold, you may cook a Goulash yourself. The recipe, however, will only be obtained after completing the Ah, Fresh Meat quest.

To activate the quest you’ll need to:

  1. Talk to Harris in Dragonspine Adventure Camp.
  2. You will need to obtain 10x Chilled Meat.Do this by melting the frozen boars using a character with Pyro ability.
  3. Speak to Harris again.
  4. Obtain the meat of the Great Snowboar King.
  5. Return to Harris and receive your Goulash recipe reward.
  6. Make Goulash and return to Harris at 18:00.
  7. Speak with Harris to complete the quest.

Alternatively, you may use the Warming Bottle Gadget for a short period within a small area. This is obtained by upgrading the Frostbearing Tree to Level 4.

5. Scarlet Quartz

Scarlet Quartz Lump
Loot Scarlet Quartz

They are found all over Dragonspine and can be obtained using physical or special attacks. Once you pick them up, they provide warmth and Pyro damage for about 25s. They can be used to melt frozen lumps also found in Dragonspine.

Aside from not being overpowered by enemies, that is how you stay alive within Dragonspine. Another tip we haven’t discussed that might be helpful, assuming you have acquired lots of heroes, is by creating a party that can tough it out in the cold. Preferably ones that have group healing and have strong Pyro damage against Cryo enemies.

If you found this useful let us know by leaving a comment below.